Glass Design Engineering ( GDE )

Glass Design Engineering is about making the visions of the glass artist or designer come true by using, altering or inventing technologies that are provided by scientists, engineers or technicians.
Glass is a very special material that deserves a very sophisticated treatment providing very spectacular results.Les jambes allegées, Cité Traeger, Paris F

Transparency is a main property of glass and the most important issue for glassdesign. Designing fassades, the matter of transparency is not only essential for the aesthetical performance but for the visual function (from inside and outside) and non the less for the transition of energy and light. Glass Design Engineering of façades is about creating well defined multifunctional skins for buildings, a fundamental factor for modern architecture in glass.

Every glass combination should to be recognized according to it ́s inherent properties of reflexion, transmission and absorption. There are differences between the optical opacity, the light transmission and the energy transmission of a facade, depending on:

  • the nature of the inks (opaque-translucent-transparent),
  • the thickness of the printed layers,
  • the printed areas,
  • the raster,
  • the print-position in IGUs,
  • the kind of glass,
  • the kind of solar-coating
  • and last not least the “in situ“-situation.

A well planned professional concept will supply a strong foundation for a successful performance.

Les jambes allegées, close up

Les jambes allegées, close up


Hexagonal Net-Rasterization, Jambes Allegées

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